Friday, June 03, 2005

Bad News

We had some bad news yesterday about Cracker Jack, the baby alpaca. It seems that he contracted diarrhea on Tuesday, and although they thought he was doing better, he died yesterday. It is sad, but I'm really grateful that it didn't happen after we got them, as we would have thought it was something that we did wrong. It makes me think that the alpacas are not quite as hardy as we thought, tho. He was the only one that we hadn't insured, as you don't insure until they are 6 months old, but Rhonda has said that she will give us another male that is about the same age to replace him. She and her husband are at the big show in Utah and so the couple that run the ranch called her to tell her what happened. She was very sad to deliver the news.

We found something strange on the driveway today...a craw fish! At first I thought it was something that the Jack's brought back from Galveston, but Jeff says that it was a fresh water one and probably came from our pond/stream. He and Michael called it a "mud bug". It was pretty funny to see it walking down the driveway! He was using his pinchers to defend himself pretty well! (Moxie didn't learn a thing from the turtle incident and had her nose right in there!)

Vicki and I are going to make a run to Tractor Supply tomorrow to pick up a few things in anticipation of the alpaca arrival. I'm making a list and checking it twice!

Kim is already anxious to get back to the land of humidity! LOL (better humidity than traffic, he says!)

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