Saturday, December 18, 2004

We are official!

Well, we went out today and took the big plunge! We are now the proud owners of ALPACAS! We went back to the ranch outside of San Marcos that we visited last January, and have been in touch since with the owners on a regular basis. We bought three females (Minnie Mouse, S'mores, Silhouette) and S'mores 7 day old cria, named Crackerjack (a male). Minnie Mouse is pregnant (they think). They will do an ultrasound next week (she would be due in October). The other two females will be bred to a "famous stud" "Poseidon" in late January and will be due in February or March, 2006). The bad news is that Minnie has to stay with her cria, Cinderella, until she is weaned, which will be April, and the other two females are going to stay until February to be bred, so we really won't have any animals here until March at the earliest! We can go visit anytime, but in the meantime we "have a lot of work to do, Lucy!"

Rhonda (the former owner) wants to show Silhouette ("Silly")at the El Paso show in January (the 20th, I think) so we'll go there and hopefully get our first ribbon! Should be a lot of fun!

It's very exciting and at the same time very scary. Rhonda and her husband have been doing this for 7 years, and have 90 animals (20 who are boarding). You should have seen us trying to round up the males after they figured out how to open a gate and got out! They just ran past me (Rhonda said I was "too nice" we're going to have to go to attitude school!).

Get ready to find your spot on the Nueva Vida staff and figure out what your specialty is going to be! (I think Linda already has dubs on Christmas photos!) I saw some chocolate covered peanuts being marketed as "Paca Poo" so put your thinking caps on!

And I heard them exclaim as they drove out of sight......

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