Saturday, June 18, 2005

Getting ready for Alpaca Arrivals!

I think Kim is going to retire me from working outside, it seems like everytime I do something now a days, I break something. I ran over a sprinkler head with the lawnmower, and then yesterday, I was cleaning out the front pasture in anticipation of the arrival next week, and I broke the outside faucet in the pasture! We couldn't get the water valve to turn off, so for a while we had "old faithful" in the pasture! Aqua Water came out and put on a new regulator, and shut off valve, and then we had to call a plumber to fix the faucet! Luckily, we got someone out right away, and he had it fixed in an hour! I just tugged a little bit on the hose, honest! (That pvc pipe is entirely too flimsy!) Today I picked up horse poop and fixed the automatic watering buckets and didn't break anything, so maybe my bad luck streak is over.

Minnie and S'mores arrive on the 21st and we can get Silly in about 45 days after that. If she isn't pregnant, we aren't going to try again until the fall (0r when Poseidon is back ). I am anxious to have some "little ones" around, and so thinking about getting a couple of animals that we could show while the girls are pregnant. (If we have males that start winning ribbons, we could start breeding them out and make some money!)