Thursday, March 09, 2006

Minnie's pregnant!

Well, I guess that this breeding stuff isn't all that hard, after all! We got the progesterone results back today and Minnie is pregnant! Her due date is December 27th! Guess Mr. Rigoletto is "proven" now. It's weird, because we were sure that he wasn't successful. We bred him to S'mores earlier this week, and will put them together again tomorrow, so hopefully this will be just as easy. Cambridge will have to wait his turn, and hopefully he will be mature enough when he has his next opportunity. (He's really got beautiful fiber, so I'm sure he will make pretty crias).

Silhouette goes to see Posideon just as soon as we get a health certificate back from the vet. This is a match that we've planned since we bought her in December of 2004! Can't wait to see this baby!

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