Sunday, February 26, 2006

Cagney and Lacey's Birthday!

Today Cagney and Lacey are one year old! We're hoping that the bad habits of climbing the fences and digging holes will disappear with "adulthood"! They are calming down a bit and Cagney hasn't escaped for a couple of weeks, now. (Kim has put electric fence around the first three pastures, so hopefully just knowing that it is there is enough deterrant for Cagney to stay inside...she's awfully smart!) Right now they stay with the male alpacas and visit the girls on a daily basis. We haven't quite felt like they should sleep with the girls in the barn area, because it is so small, and we do feel like they are pretty protected there! It's amazing how big they are (about 70 pounds each) and they tell us that they will continue to grow for another 6 months. They are both great dogs! (despite the bad habits!) It is worth noting that since we got them, we haven't spotted a coyote on the property!

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