Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Life at Nueva Vida

We had our first "outing" today. We were successful in catching and haltering Minnie (she is the smallest, so thought we would be good to start with her). She was hard to catch, but easy to halter. I put her on a lead for a few rounds around the pasture, and then Kim and I walked her to the barn to weigh her. She was a little intimidated when she saw Fawn in the pasture by the barn, so ultimately, we had to enlist Michael to help (literally lifting her onto the scale) She weighs 106.8 so she has gained a little! (She was 105 when she arrived, which is a little underweight) Tomorrow is S'mores day out!

We have the appointment with the vet for a farm visit on Friday morning. (We had the puppies spayed yesterday). He will examine and ultra sound the girls. (Hence the increased need for us to be able to "catch" them....we don't want to look like amateurs, for goodness sake!)

Seems like we are making progress, but I tried to brush the burrs out of Minnie and I think they are there for life! (The only thing that seemed to work was picking them out one at a time, and forget getting them out of her top knot! oh my!)

The clean up crew is doing great work...we have to hurry and fence the next pasture as I think they will soon be ready to tackle it!

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