Sunday, July 10, 2005

Land Management Team

We had our Land Management team start yesterday.....ten South African Boer Goats! They must have been really hungry, because Kim and I swear that we can tell a difference in the land clearing already. We have them on loan from a friend of Michael (the kid who is working for us). There are 9 nannies and a Billy. You'll be happy to know that only 4 of them have names, Billy, Cloanie, Patches and Saddleback. They are pretty big (not what I expected at all) and they are really serious about tearing down's pretty interesting to watch. We're starting to feel like real ranchers!

We put in a misting system on the back porch today, not sure how we feel about is a little cooler, but a lot more humid....guess we should have expected that!

Hope all are well, it's been busy around here (and HOT)! We're staying out of trouble!