Friday, October 26, 2007


Showtime! We're getting ready for our first show where we will be physically showing our own animals. We're going to Shreveport LA on November 2,3,4 and taking Mr. D. and Sonny Boy. Vicki and the Jacks are going with us, and Carl, Mindy and Cole are going to baby-sit the remaining animals! We decided to take the little boys, because they are the easiest to handle and hopefully it will be a good learning experience for all four of us. Kim is going to show them in the ring. We've been doing all the prep work like designing and having a banner made for the stall, printing brochures, getting new air-conditioning for the trailer along with a trailer cam to watch and hear the animals while we're driving. The cam can be used in the barn after we come home, and we can put a picture on our television in the bedroom! We've also designed a way for Cagney and Lacey to go from pen to pen via a sort-of doggie door cut in the fences/gates. So as you can tell, we've been busy bees!Making my lists and checking them twice!

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