Thursday, February 22, 2007

A Difficult Birth.....

Hi...the last few days have been really hectic, but the bottom line is that we have a beautiful white baby boy cria. (not named yet).

Silly starting acting strange on Tuesday, lots of pacing and "moaning" and she seemed really uncomfortable on Wednesday night, so I got up and checked on her every two hours. By Thursday morning she was really in distress, so we called the vet. He came out and tried to examine her and take an ultra sound, which was inconclusive, and her pelvic exam he thought he could feel the baby's ribs. We decided that it looked like she needed a cescerian so he went back to prepare and we started hooking up the trailer, and by that time she wouldn't stand up, so you should have seen Kim and Diana and me trying to carry her (192 pounds) to the trailer! When we got to the vet, and opened up the back door, we could see the baby's head out. Long story shorter, she had one leg in front, and the other locked behind her, so the doctor had to help deliver him. He's really tiny (10 pounds) and is pretty stressed from the birth so we've had to give him plasma and tube feed him (in the parking lot of Wal Mart in San Marcos with Rhonda Deshner), and bottle feed him every two hours, since he is still not strong enough to stand up and nurse). So....we're tired, but hopeful that both he and Silly will be okay.

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