Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Honeymoon and Shearing!

Last Thursday Silhouette went to visit Poseidon. Rhonda reported yesterday that they "got married" on Monday and seemed to have a very enthusiastic honeymoon. They will behavior test on Saturday to see if she is pregnant.

We are still breeding S'mores, will behavior test tomorrow to see if we have been successful.

On Saturday night, we got a call from the rancher in Del Valle (Jan and John Pierce) saying that the shearer was going to finish early on Sunday at Rhonda's, and they could come over to her place and shear her animals and ours! We were thinking that it would be in May, but turns out that this was more convenient for the shearer. They are a bunch of guys from Australia and New Zeeland and all they do is travel around and shear alpacas. They were really awesome to watch. So, we borrowed the trailer from the Pierces, and tried to get out as many of the burrs as we could and we got them over to Jan and John's about 1:00 on Sunday. They finished about 3:30 and we were all bushed! John recommended that we keep our animals separate from theirs, and it's a good thing, because some of them were really quite unrecognizable when they were sheared. (Cambridge had 7 pounds of fiber!) It was pretty successful, considering that we haltered the little girls for the first time...that was fine, but they didn't lead very well....good thing they are small enough to pick up! And we had our first experience of loading animals into the trailer (boys were a piece of cake, but the girls were a little difficult).

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We think they look cute with their new haircuts.