Friday, December 23, 2005

Baby #2

Well, I guess I worried for nothing as these mothers seem to know exactly what they are doing! Although she was a little later in the day than is "normal" S'mores delivered a beautiful white baby girl this afternoon! Again, the baby was on the ground before I discovered her and she was covered with dirt, so I couldn't even tell what color she was. Again, all the females were standing around checking her out. I picked her up, took her in the barn to dry her off and for number two, everything seemed just a little easier. Putting iodine on the umbilical cord (there seemed to be a little hernia, so I tied her with a string dipped in iodine). Her neck doesn't seem to be as strong as Carmell's was, but each hour that passes seems better. We've called the vet to come and check her tomorrow and draw blood for the IgG test, but she seems to be great, although she is about a week early. I think we will call her Posiedon's Angelica (Angel). She is bigger than Carmella (weighing 16 pounds) and the only way you can tell that she is early is that the covers that are on her toenails in the womb are still there, so he feet look a little funny. I called Rhonda and she said this was normal and that the covers would wear themselves off. This is fun....and makes it really feel real that we are truly alpaca ranchers, now!

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