Thursday, November 17, 2005

The Boys and Silly Arrive

The other alpacas were delivered on Saturday. They are doing well, except that Cagney and Lacey have been chasing the boys, and we've had to separate them from time to time. The boys are very curious and friendly. Cambridge will eat from your hand, and when he does, Rigoletto is right there, too. The sand burrs are still a problem, but not quite as bad as they were when we got S'mores and Minnie.

The boys are not as fastidious as the girls. The boys' bean pile is "in the general vicinity" and while the girls line up to go the bathroom one at a time, the boys back up to the pile spread their legs really wide and go at the same's pretty funny and probably more than you wanted to know.

Silhouette is just as georgous as we remember...she is quite an animal!

Minnie is due on December 10th, so we're getting a little nervous that we know what we're supposed to do! Wish us luck!

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